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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Course Descriptions

A typical course description in the Undergraduate Bulletin appears like this:

LIT 273 American Multicultural Literature  

The three digits of the course codes refer to the course level. Undergraduate courses are those numbered from 100 to 499. All numbers above that are for graduate credit.The 100 series is primarily for freshmen; 200 – sophomores; 300 – juniors; and 400 – seniors.

Course Planning Information

Information included with the course description helps you as you plan your course schedules. General Education (Gen Ed), Racial and Ethnic Studies (RES), Global Perspective (GLP), repeatability, and terms offered (if known) are indicated.

The terms indicated serve only as a general guide and do not guarantee that a course will be offered during a particular semester. Verify availability of a course in any given term by checking the online Open Courses listing or through Access Stout when planning your schedule.


Career and Technical Education

   •  CTE-375 Digital Print Reading: A Turn-Key CAD/CAM Curriculum
   •  CTE-375 Workshop
   •  CTE-396 Foundations of Correctional Education
   •  CTE-398 Field Experience
   •  CTE-399 Independent Study
   •  CTE-405 Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education
   •  CTE-408 Student Teaching in Career and Technical Education
   •  CTE-438 Course Construction in Career and Technical Education
   •  CTE-440 Instructional Evaluation in Career and Technical Education
   •  CTE-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CTE-460 Data Responsive Planning, Teaching and Assessment
   •  CTE-474 Adult Education
   •  CTE-488 Career and Technical Education Internship
   •  CTE-498 Field Experience
   •  CTE-499 Independent Study


   •  CHEM-105 Visualizing Chemistry
   •  CHEM-110 Chemistry in Our World
   •  CHEM-115 General Chemistry
   •  CHEM-135 College Chemistry I
   •  CHEM-136 College Chemistry II
   •  CHEM-199 Independent Study
   •  CHEM-201 Organic Chemistry I
   •  CHEM-204 Organic Chemistry II Lecture
   •  CHEM-206 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
   •  CHEM-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CHEM-299 Independent Study
   •  CHEM-301 Physical Chemistry Lecture
   •  CHEM-303 Physical Chemistry Laboratory
   •  CHEM-311 Biochemistry
   •  CHEM-325 Chemistry of Polymers
   •  CHEM-331 Quantitative Analysis
   •  CHEM-341 Chemistry of Materials
   •  CHEM-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CHEM-353 Environmental Chemistry
   •  CHEM-365 Industrial Chemistry
   •  CHEM-399 Independent Study
   •  CHEM-412 Advanced Biochemistry
   •  CHEM-414 Protein Chemistry Laboratory
   •  CHEM-425 Inorganic Chemistry
   •  CHEM-435 Instrumental Methods of Analysis
   •  CHEM-440 Advanced Materials Laboratory
   •  CHEM-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CHEM-452 Environmental Regulations Management
   •  CHEM-489 Advanced Chemistry Experience
   •  CHEM-499 Independent Study


   •  CHIN-101 Elementary Chinese I
   •  CHIN-102 Elementary Chinese II
   •  CHIN-196 Experience China: Mandarin Language
   •  CHIN-200 Intermediate Chinese I
   •  CHIN-201 Intermediate Chinese II

College of Arts, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences

   •  CAHSS-196 An Interconnected World: Views from the Humanities
   •  CAHSS-199 Independent Study
   •  CAHSS-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CAHSS-299 Independent Study
   •  CAHSS-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CAHSS-399 Independent Study
   •  CAHSS-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CAHSS-499 Independent Study

College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences

   •  CEHHS-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CEHHS-499 Independent Study

Computer/Electrical Engineering

   •  CEE-205 Circuit Analysis and Design
   •  CEE-215 Electronics
   •  CEE-225 Digital Logic
   •  CEE-235 Signals and Systems
   •  CEE-325 Digital System Design
   •  CEE-335 Automatic Control Systems
   •  CEE-345 Microprocessor System Design
   •  CEE-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CEE-355 Applied Electromagnetics
   •  CEE-405 Capstone I: Computer Engineering Design
   •  CEE-410 Capstone II: Computer Engineering Design
   •  CEE-425 Data Communications and Computer Networks
   •  CEE-435 Digital Signal Processing
   •  CEE-445 Embedded System Design
   •  CEE-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CEE-455 Fundamentals of Wireless Communications
   •  CEE-499 Independent Study

Cognitive Neuroscience

   •  CNS-200 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
   •  CNS-201 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
   •  CNS-401 Prime Time Cognitive Neuroscience
   •  CNS-401 Special Topic: Psychology, Neuroscience, and Evolution
   •  CNS-480 Cognitive Neuroscience Research Experience
   •  CNS-481 Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
   •  CNS-499 Independent Study

Cognitive Science

   •  COGS-101 Cognitive Science I
   •  COGS-202 Cognitive Science 2
   •  COGS-390 Cognitive Science Research Studio 1
   •  COGS-490 COGS Research Studio 2

Communication Studies

   •  COMST-100 Fundamentals of Speech
   •  COMST-199 Independent Study
   •  COMST-200 Persuasive Speaking
   •  COMST-206 Small Group Communication
   •  COMST-208 Applied Human Communication
   •  COMST-210 Interpersonal Communication
   •  COMST-236 Listening
   •  COMST-308 Business and Professional Speaking
   •  COMST-312 Intercultural Communication
   •  COMST-350 Nonverbal Communication
   •  COMST-370 Communicating in Health Contexts
   •  COMST-399 Independent Study

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