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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Course Descriptions

A typical course description in the Undergraduate Bulletin appears like this:

LIT 273 American Multicultural Literature  

The three digits of the course codes refer to the course level. Undergraduate courses are those numbered from 100 to 499. All numbers above that are for graduate credit.The 100 series is primarily for freshmen; 200 – sophomores; 300 – juniors; and 400 – seniors.

Course Planning Information

Information included with the course description helps you as you plan your course schedules. General Education (Gen Ed), Racial and Ethnic Studies (RES), Global Perspective (GLP), repeatability, and terms offered (if known) are indicated.

The terms indicated serve only as a general guide and do not guarantee that a course will be offered during a particular semester. Verify availability of a course in any given term by checking the online Open Courses listing or through Access Stout when planning your schedule.


Architecture, Engineering and Construction

   •  AEC-120 Construction Industry Orientation and Documents
   •  AEC-131 Architectural Graphics
   •  AEC-149 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  AEC-171 Light Construction Methods and Materials
   •  AEC-172 Construction Technology
   •  AEC-190 Orientation to Construction Industry
   •  AEC-191 The Built Environment
   •  AEC-198 Field Experience
   •  AEC-199 Independent Study
   •  AEC-233 Architectural Design I
   •  AEC-237 Architectural Technology
   •  AEC-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  AEC-270 Heavy Construction Methods and Equipment
   •  AEC-273 Concrete And Masonry Technology
   •  AEC-298 Field Experience
   •  AEC-299 Independent Study
   •  AEC-335 Architectural Design II
   •  AEC-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  AEC-352 Building Mechanical Systems
   •  AEC-353 Building Electrical and Control Systems
   •  AEC-357 Site Engineering
   •  AEC-370 Construction Estimating I
   •  AEC-375 Construction Practicum
   •  AEC-395 Seminar: Lumber and Wood Products Industry
   •  AEC-398 Field Experience
   •  AEC-399 Independent Study
   •  AEC-438 Contract Requirements and Specifications
   •  AEC-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  AEC-455 Advanced Mechanical Construction Systems
   •  AEC-456 Advanced Electrical Construction Systems
   •  AEC-458 Structural Systems–Wood and Steel
   •  AEC-459 Structural Systems-Concrete And Masonry
   •  AEC-460 Sustainable Construction
   •  AEC-461 Building Codes and Regulations
   •  AEC-470 Construction Estimating II
   •  AEC-471 Project Scheduling and Cost Control
   •  AEC-472 Management of Construction
   •  AEC-473 Mechanical and Electrical Construction Management
   •  AEC-499 Independent Study


   •  ANTH-199 Independent Study
   •  ANTH-220 Cultural Anthropology
   •  ANTH-230 Anthropology of the Contemporary United States
   •  ANTH-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  ANTH-250 The Human Past
   •  ANTH-290 Global Political Ecology
   •  ANTH-293 Environmental Justice
   •  ANTH-299 Independent Study
   •  ANTH-300 Native Americans
   •  ANTH-330 Social Theory
   •  ANTH-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  ANTH-356 Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective
   •  ANTH-400 Applied Anthropology
   •  ANTH-420 The Anthropological Study of Family Systems
   •  ANTH-449 Cooperative Education Experience

Apparel Design/Manufacturing

   •  APRL-134 Global Fashion Industry
   •  APRL-145 Interior Decorating/Design Textiles
   •  APRL-166 Apparel Construction I
   •  APRL-167 Textiles I: Theory, Fibers and Structures
   •  APRL-180 Pattern Development
   •  APRL-211 History and Culture of Fashion
   •  APRL-225 Target Market Research and Line Development
   •  APRL-250 Textiles II: Evaluation
   •  APRL-272 Quality Analysis of Sewn Products
   •  APRL-274 Fashion Industry
   •  APRL-286 Apparel Construction II: Cut and Sewn Knits
   •  APRL-290 Specifications and Fit Development
   •  APRL-296 Fashion Drawing
   •  APRL-299 Independent Study
   •  APRL-355 Special Topics in Apparel Design/ Manufacturing
   •  APRL-373 Advanced Pattern Development
   •  APRL-390 CAD for Apparel Images
   •  APRL-390 Practicum in Textile Design
   •  APRL-393 Garment Engineering/Production
   •  APRL-398 Field Experience
   •  APRL-399 Independent Study
   •  APRL-405 International Study Tour to the Fashion Industry
   •  APRL-419 National Study Tour to Fashion Industry
   •  APRL-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  APRL-454 Knit Design, Fabrication and Technology
   •  APRL-464 Functional Design and Development
   •  APRL-482 Studio I: Brand Development
   •  APRL-485 Studio II: Collection Development
   •  APRL-498 Field Experience
   •  APRL-499 Independent Study

Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

   •  ABMB-101 ABMB Professions
   •  ABMB-201 Introduction to Research in ABMB
   •  ABMB-470 ABMB Capstone

Applied Science

   •  APSC-101 Applied Science Profession I
   •  APSC-149 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  APSC-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  APSC-311 Issues For Science Professionals
   •  APSC-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  APSC-398 Field Experience in Applied Science
   •  APSC-401 Applied Science Profession II
   •  APSC-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  APSC-499 Independent Study

Applied Social Science

   •  APSS-100 Introduction to Applied Social Science
   •  APSS-300 Quantitative Research Methods
   •  APSS-301 Qualitative Research Methods
   •  APSS-349 Cooperative Education Experience

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