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2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Registration for Classes

Generally, graduate students may register for the Fall term in April, for the Spring term in October, and for the Summer Session in March. When registration for a term begins, online registration is available only prior to the start of a term. Prior to registering for each term, graduate students should consult with their program director regarding their course selection and program plan.

The class schedule contains listings for all UW-Stout course offerings. It is available online by selecting “Class Search” on the UW-Stout website. Those numbered 700 and greater are graduate-level only. Those numbered 500 and 600 have a counterpart undergraduate course number.

All policies affecting students in the areas of add and drop deadlines, class attendance, grading and other helpful information are available on the Registration and Records Office website.

Current Address

Permanent home and local addresses are recorded in the university’s student records system. Students are required to submit a valid address when they register and to keep the university apprised of any address changes. The local address, where you live while you are a student at UW-Stout is used for most university correspondence.  Students may submit a change of address to the Registration and Records Office (109 Bowman Hall), or the Graduate School (First Bank & Trust Building, 200 Main Street East) anytime. You can also change your address online (requires intranet login). When changing your address, be sure to indicate whether you are changing your permanent, local or other address.

Early Registration Online
All currently enrolled students may choose to register via Access Stout, UW-Stout’s web-based student information system. Follow the instructions and links on the Access Stout page to complete the registration process.