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2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

The University


UW-Stout is one of 13 publicly supported universities in the University of Wisconsin System. It was founded as a private institution in 1891 by James Huff Stout. A Menomonie industrialist and a man of great vision, he saw that students in America’s developing industrial society needed a different kind of education, an education broader than that offered by traditional curriculum. Since its founding, UW-Stout has gained a position of national and international leadership in industry, commerce, education and human services. Its programs in those fields are among the finest in the world. Strong programs that relate to technology, vocation and society have also been established. Although UW-Stout is a career-oriented university, its leaders have had the foresight to make the humanities and social sciences key parts of the total educational program.

UW-Stout’s Special Mission

UW-Stout, as a special mission institution, serves a unique role in the University of Wisconsin System. UW-Stout is characterized by a distinctive array of programs leading to professional careers focused on the needs of society. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs leading to professional careers in industry, commerce, education and human services through the study of technology, applied mathematics and science, art, business, industrial management, human behavior, family and consumer sciences, and manufacturing-related engineering and technologies. These programs are presented through an approach to learning which involves integration of theory, practice and experimentation. Extending UW-Stout’s mission into the future requires that instruction, research and public service programs be adapted and modified as the needs of society change.

Learn more about UW-Stout’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University

University of Wisconsin-Stout is a comprehensive, career-focused polytechnic university where students, faculty and staff use applied learning, scientific theory and research to solve real-world problems, grow the state economy and serve society. Our tenets:

Career Focus: A polytechnic university offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares graduates for professional careers.

Applied Learning: A polytechnic university blends theory with practice to produce innovative solutions to real world problems.

Collaboration: A polytechnic university works closely with business, industry and other educational institutions to benefit students and grow the economy.

Recognized Quality

In 2001, UW-Stout became the first university in the nation to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, America’s highest honor for performance excellence and quality achievement.

The university’s mission driven, market smart focus promotes collaborative leadership and an inclusive strategic planning process. Baldrige Award criteria are used by organizations worldwide. Winning organizations become quality advocates, informing thousands about the criteria benefits, including better employee relations, higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction.


Research and scholarship by faculty and staff are encouraged to constantly add to the bodies of knowledge on which degree programs are based.  Research Services supports faculty and staff in research and program activities. From the initial submission of institutional review board materials, to budgeting and dissemination nationally and internationally, Research Services offers consultation and funding opportunities.

Learn more in person at 152 Vocational Rehabilitation Bldg., by phone at 715-232-1126, or online at the Research Services website.

The Faculty

UW-Stout has a specialized faculty comprised of individuals nationally and internationally recognized in their respective fields. Classes are taught and research projects coordinated by highly qualified professionals. The graduate faculty is composed of approximately 281 members. Of these, 147 hold earned doctorate degrees, while others hold specialized degrees in their respective fields. One of the fine traditions at UW-Stout has been the faculty and staff commitment to provide extra help in one-on-one situations to students.


Modern and well-equipped facilities mark UW-Stout’s 125-acre campus. We are proud of our laboratory-intensive programs.

Located in the center of the city of Menomonie, adjacent to the downtown business district and Lake Menomin, UW-Stout offers an attractive, convenient and accessible campus setting.

Academic Year

The academic year is composed of two semesters, which are further divided into two nine-week quarters. The designation of a quarter represents one-half a semester and should not be confused with the quarter system used at other universities. Courses scheduled on the quarter basis meet twice as often each week as courses scheduled on the semester basis. Credit hours are awarded on a semester credit hour basis for courses scheduled on either basis. (See Load Limit  for additional information.)

Summer Session

UW-Stout conducts a 10-week summer session with classes varying in length and delivery format. You may earn up to 10 credits during the 10 weeks of summer session. We encourage you to register for classes in April and May. Complete information about class schedules, enrollment procedures, degree programs and housing is available on the Summer Session website.


UW-Stout conducts a winter session between first and second semesters with credit-bearing classes varying in length and delivery format. Complete information about courses and enrollment procedures is available on the WinTerM website.

Customized Instruction/UW-Stout Online

Customized instruction is specialized educational programming designed for a specific population and delivered in a nontraditional manner. These courses and programs are primarily offered online, after hours or away from campus. The customized aspects of these programs include populations served, assurance of course delivery, delivery methods, and delivery times and dates. These programs are not intended for regular, residential students.

UW-Stout Online serves the needs of customized instruction students, instructors and programs by coordinating programs and services that lead to online access for programs offered at a distance, reaching populations on a global level. The office facilitates comprehensive support services for undergraduate and graduate degree programs; individual courses; online professional development for educators; certificates; certifications; and credit outreach programs.  
Additional information about customized instruction offerings is available on the Stout Online website.

The Co-op/Intern Program

Some degree programs require a co-op/intern experience, and it is a valuable option in many others. It provides an opportunity to work with professionals in your career area, before you graduate.

The program director approves a published job description before you begin the experience. You are awarded credit based on the length of the experience, the responsibilities given to you, and the goals and objectives you carry into the job. Grades and credits are awarded by a university mentor. A co-op or internship can be as short as one summer, or can last for a combination of semesters. For more information, contact Career Services (Room 103, Administration Building, 715-232-1601) or on the Career Services website.

International Education

UW-Stout is committed to international education and the exchange of ideas and cultures among students, faculty and the community. The university welcomes international students and encourages study abroad. Many of Stout’s majors lead to careers that require an understanding of people and cultures in the global community.

Students from more than 35 nations attend UW-Stout each year. More than half of the international student body at UW-Stout pursues graduate degrees.

International programs and student activities are coordinated through the Office of International Education (715-232-2132). This office coordinates all overseas involvement and provides overseas opportunities for students, faculty and staff. Learn more at the Office of International Education website. 

International Student Services

The special needs of international students are met through professional and referral services provided by the Office of International Education. These services include confidential personal counseling on immigration matters, financial matters, academic questions, social customs and personal concerns. Other services that promote cross-cultural understanding include new student orientation, problem solving and liaison activities in the university and Menomonie area community. Learn more at the International Student Services website.