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2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Professional Writing Specialization

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The Professional Writing specialization addresses an area of critical importance in business and industry: communicating information clearly and precisely. The specialization is intended for those who wish to gain professional writing skills to help them find employment and those who wish to improve their writing skills to gain promotions or explore new career directions. Graduates of the Professional Writing specialization will be able to clarify technical concepts for a wide range of audiences, especially non-technical ones. This specialization can be completed entirely online.

Requirements for the Specialization

Intended Outcome

  1. Understand and implement basic professional writing concepts and strategies.
  2. Interact with clients to produce their documents. Follow a sequence of activities, under supervision, to produce a document, starting with an initial interview and progressing to a final document.
  3. Design documents according to client specifications. Learn basic principles of document design. Determine client’s design needs. Produce document.
  4. Adapt, direct, and produce information for a particular audience with particular technologies. Structured sequence of activities that train students in concepts of audience adaptation and develop flexibility in adapting to audience.
    Demonstrated successful course completion.
  5. Organize and present written material in a clear, concise manner with an emphasis on rhetorical context and strategy. Structured sequence of activities that train students in organizing for a particular audience situation.
    Demonstrated successful course completion.
  6. Produce information according to business and industry standards of style. Structures sequence of activities that train students in style concepts and flexibility.

Learning Activity

ENGL 415  is a required course for the Professional Writing specialization and is a prerequisite for many upper level courses. Students must take this course during their first semester of work in the Professional Writing specialization.


*Demonstrated successful course completion.

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