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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Honors College

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Academic Requirements

Entrance into the Honors College
Students are accepted into the Honors College in one of two ways: being invited to join based on high academic achievement or by applying using the application form on this website. Students from a wide range of academic experiences are encouraged to apply and have successfully completed the college’s requirements. 

Honors Units
Honors College students complete eight honors units during their time at Stout. Honors units include an exciting variety of course offerings each semester, study abroad opportunities, and Honors Contracts.

Courses: We have a rich variety of courses in every general education category. Students earn general education credits by taking honors courses in place of regular classes. Students read primary source materials rather than textbooks and discussion-based classes are centered on important questions. Students must earn a grade of B or better in a course in order to earn one honors unit. A three credit course will count as one honors unit. Once in a student’s career, a four or five credit course will earn two honors units, with a grade of B or better.

Contracts: Honors College students must complete at least one Honors Contract prior to graduation. Successful completion of a contract earns a student one honors unit. To complete a contract, students meet with a faculty mentor to design and accomplish a project that interests them and that adds depth or breadth to their study. Students work with their mentor to complete a substantial project equivalent to approximately 60 hours of work. The student may complete no more than two Honors Contracts in a single academic area.

Capstone: The Honors Capstone is a two-unit option for senior-level students. This is a major interdisciplinary research project that may build upon a capstone in the major. It requires at least 120 hours of work. Capstone projects are encouraged but not required.

Study Abroad Opportunities: Students who study abroad for a semester, summer session or WinTerM, and receive a B or better in at least one course of study, will earn one honors unit. Students who study abroad for a full year, and earn B or better in at least one course per semester abroad, will receive two honors units. Study abroad is encouraged but not required. 

Honors Colloquia
Each semester all honors students in the college consider an issue and read a related text. Readings are done independently and a date is set for the whole of the Honors College student body to meet to discuss the topic in small groups. Members of the faculty facilitate the small group discussions. The evening ends with each group forming a question or statement summarizing their discussions. Attendance and participation is required to maintain good standing in the Honors College.

Honors Cultural Enhancement Events
Honors events are designed to expand the intellectual breadth of our student body. They include trips to see plays or musical performances, nature-study trips, documentary screenings, service activities or campus speakers among others approved by the Honors College. Students are required to attend a minimum of one enhancement event per year.  

Transfer Students
Transfer students are encouraged to set up an appointment and meet with the directors to determine eligibility for Honors College and suitability of honors courses and options towards the completion of their majors.

Requirement: 8 Honors Units

Including the following:

  • Minimum of one Honors contract - students may complete a maximum of two contracts in any single discipline. Maximum of three contracts, unless approved by director
  • Honors courses with a B or better - students may earn two honors units for the first 4- or 5-credits honors course they complete with a B or better. Subsequent 4- or 5-credit courses will count for one unit
  • Study abroad experience in which student earns a grade of B or better in at least one course - students may gain a maximum of two honors units through study abroad. Each separate experience/country counts as an honors unit
  • Honors capstone, which counts for two units - students may complete a maximum of one honors capstone
  • Eight Honors Colloquia - students studying abroad or completing coops/internships do not need to participate in colloquia for the semesters they are off campus
  • Four Honors Events

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