Dec 05, 2021  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Psychology, B.S.

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         Psychology, B.S.: 4-year sequence , 3-year sequence  


The B.S. in Psychology program at UW-Stout focuses on applying the science of psychology to helping people and solving real world problems.

In addition to traditional coursework in the major sub-fields of psychology, the program offers a unique variety of courses applying psychology to areas such as counseling, health, the workplace, the legal system, the environment, and consumer behavior.  Students in the program have numerous opportunities to gain hands-on experience through applied course projects, research experiences, and field experiences. Faculty advisors guide students in developing a personal program plan centered on their individual needs and career goals.

Graduates finish the program with a strong foundation in the application of psychology, analytical thinking and communication skills, which makes them attractive candidates for a wide variety of jobs and graduate programs.

General Requirements
Bachelor of Science Degree

Total for graduation 120 credits  
General Education 40 credits  
Major Studies 48 credits  
Minor or second area of depth 15-22 credits  
Additional Liberal Studies Requirement 3 credits  

Students must attain a minimum grade point average of 2.25 in required courses for the major and a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in other courses for the major.

Program Requirements

Racial and Ethnic Studies (6 credits*)

Three credits must be selected from RES-A.

Global Perspective (6 credits*)

Complete a program of university-approved work or study abroad or 6 credits of global perspective approved courses. 

General Education (40 credits)

Analytical Reasoning and Natural Sciences (10 credits)

Courses must be from the areas of analytical reasoning and natural sciences. At least one mathematics or statistics course and a natural science course with a lab are required.

Arts and Humanities (6 credits)

Courses must be from two or more areas including art history/music & theater appreciation, creative/performing arts, foreign language and culture, history, literature, and philosophy.​

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)

Courses must be from two or more areas including anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology and sociology.

Cross-disciplinary Issues (3 credits)

Courses must be selected from the list of approved cross-disciplinary issues courses.

Social Responsibility and Ethical Reasoning (3 credits)

Courses must be selected from the list of approved social responsibility and ethical reasoning courses.

Selectives (3 credits)

Courses/credits may be selected from any category to meet the 40-credit requirement.

Major Studies (48 credits)

Psychology Selectives (12 credits)

Select at least two courses from Basic Psychology and two courses from Applied Psychology.

Experiential (2 credits)

Select 2 credits from the following:


* Must involve research and be approved by the advisor as meeting the requirement of this category.

Psychology Electives

See advisor for a list of approved electives to fulfill the 120-credit requirement.

Minor or Second Area of Depth (15-22 credits)

Students are expected to complete a minor, specialization, certificate, pre-clinical concentration or self-designed concentration.

Self-Designed Concentration (21 credits)

Select courses in consultation with faculty advisor and program director.

Pre-Clinical Concentration (21 credits)

Additional Liberal Studies Requirements (3 credits)

Select any of the following approved writing courses:

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