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2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin 
2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Education, Ed.S.

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Education Specialist Degree This program is 36 semester credits beyond the master’s degree.

The program is for those who have a master’s degree in education or related field.


Students seeking admission to the program should complete the following at least 30 days prior to the opening of the term in which they plan to begin their program.

  1. File an Application for Admission.
  2. Submit a current vita listing all pertinent biographical and educational data.
  3. Present official transcripts of all college and university work completed with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25 on a four-point scale in all graduate work. Transcripts need not be submitted for work completed at UW-Stout.
  4. Provide evidence of at least two years of successful teaching or related experience and professional promise by requesting letters from at least two administrators or supervisors. Provide a writing sample which addresses your goals related to the program.

The Education Specialist Degree Program Committee will review the candidate’s credentials and make a recommendation relative to admission to the director of the Ed.S. degree program. The committee may recommend that the candidate be interviewed for admission. The director of the major will recommend admission with full or provisional status to the Graduate School.

After review of the application data, the Graduate School will assign program status and inform the student.

  1. Full status will be granted to those who meet all admission requirements.
  2. Provisional status may be granted to those who do not fully qualify on some requirements. At the conclusion of the first term of enrollment, the status will be re-evaluated.
  3. Admission will be denied to students whose qualifications do not meet the requirements and if the admissions committee decides provisional status is not warranted.

Primary Evaluation Processes

The primary processes used to evaluate program and academic progress include course grades, research evaluation, certification of program completion, and the following program specific processes: application for admission; degree candidacy; final oral examination; and intent to graduate.

Degree Program Supervision

For the first enrollment, the program director will aid in developing a class schedule in keeping with degree requirements. Prior to enrolling for a second term, the student will prepare a total program plan in keeping with degree requirements and the student’s special needs.

At that time, the student will work with the program director to obtain a supervisory committee consisting of three members of the graduate faculty.

The committee will act on the appropriateness of the student’s degree program, approve the proposed field study, administer the oral examination and recommend the award of the degree.

Teaching Experience

This program is designed for people seeking leadership positions in education. It is felt that course work will be more significant for those who have some experience in teaching. Thus, no more than nine credits in the degree program may be completed prior to satisfying the requirement of two years of successful teaching.

Requirements for the Ed.S. Degree

Prior to the award of the Ed.S. degree, the following requirements will be met:

  1. Completion of an approved degree program of 36 semester credits with an overall grade point average of at least 3.25, and with a minimum of 18 credits which are at the graduate only level - 700 or 800 level.
  2. Apply to graduate via your Access Stout.
  3. Pass an oral examination on field study research prior to graduation.
  4. File of an approved field study report and abstract at least one week prior to graduation.
  5. Recommendation for the degree by the supervisory committee.
  6. Approval of degree candidacy at the appropriate time.


The program will consist of a series of common professional courses. Depending on the the student’s aspirations, they will complete the required courses specific for the specific area of study they are pursuing. All students will need to complete a field experience and internship in their area of study to meet degree requirements. All students will be required to complete a research component in their program that includes EDUC-816 Instrumentation for Research and either the EDUC 895 or CTE-895 Field Study research.

The applied research component consists of course work in research design and procedures, and statistics. A holder of an advanced degree should have an intimate knowledge of research design, measurement and statistics, and a broad background in the problems associated with education.

The professional education component consists of courses in the foundational areas of educational leadership. There is a growing body of knowledge and research dealing educational leadership. It is imperative that the education specialist be able to implement current innovative leadership practices. 

General Requirements
Education Specialist Degree

Total for graduation 30 credits  
Research 9 credits  
Professional Education 16 credits  
Selectives 5 credits  

Professional Education (16 credits)

Educational Emphasis

The student should confer with the program director in choosing selective credits to complete the15-hour Educational Emphasis degree requirement. There is considerable flexibility in the program with regard to selectives, and they may be taken as needed to fulfill the individual goals and objectives of the student.

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