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2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin

Course Descriptions

Graduate Bulletin Course Description Introduction

Course descriptions are listed (in this section) in alphabetical order by curricular subject abbreviations. Graduate courses are those numbered from 500 through 899. All numbers below 500 are for undergraduate credit.

Interpreting Course Descriptions

This document will help you understand the various codes used in the course descriptions.

A typical course description appears like this:

COUN 788 Counseling Process Laboratory  

Course Level

The three digits of the course codes refer to the course level. Graduate courses are numbered from 500 to 899. The 100 through 400 series are undergraduate courses.


UW-Stout defines a credit hour as an amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement that reasonably approximates: [1] At least 750 minutes of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of 1,500 minutes of out-of-class student work for one semester credit hour, or the equivalent amount of work over a different amount of time (e.g. compressed courses); or [2] At least an equivalent amount of work as required in part one [1] of this definition for other academic activities as established by UW-Stout, including distance education, online, hybrid, or other indirect faculty instruction, laboratory work, internships, co-op experiences, studio work, and other academic work leading to the award of credit hours.  This definition of the semester credit hour applies to all academic credit bearing activities at all levels (graduate and undergraduate). In order to receive a degree, you must not only gain the required number of credits in the program you are pursuing, but also must attain a certain standard of scholarship. (See also “Suspension and Probation.”)


Other Courses

   •  BUMKG-508 Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations
   •  BUMKG-550 E-Business Strategy and Practice
   •  BUMKG-585 Target Marketing
   •  BUMKG-679 Marketing Research
   •  BUMKG-746 Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs
   •  BUMKG-799 Independent Study
   •  CMG-551 Cross-Media Campaigns
   •  CMG-555 ePublishing
   •  CMG-562 Screen and Specialty Printing
   •  CMG-568 Print Optimization
   •  CMG-580 Cross-Media Estimating and Planning
   •  CMG-643 Cross-Media Practicum
   •  CMG-645 Publication Production
   •  CMG-682 Graphics Workflow Automation
   •  CMG-695 Cross-Media Seminar
   •  Course Selective-1 :
   •  Course Selective-2 :
   •  Course Selective-3 :
   •  Course Selective-4 :
   •  Course Selective-5 :
   •  ET-520 Prototype Development and Model Making
   •  ET-532 Mechanical Design
   •  ET-593 Mechanics of Machinery II
   •  ET-622 Research and Development
   •  ETECH-503 Computer Aided Manufacturing
   •  ETECH-545 Design and Simulation of Manufacturing Systems
   •  ETECH-666 3-D Computer Modeling & Rendering
   •  GCOM-551 Cross-Media Campaigns
   •  GCOM-562 Screen and Specialty Printing
   •  GCOM-567 Color Management
   •  GCOM-568 Print Optimization
   •  GCOM-580 Graphic Communications Estimating and Planning
   •  GCOM-643 Graphic Communications Practicum
   •  GCOM-645 Publication Production
   •  GCOM-682 Graphics Workflow and Automation
   •  ITC-710 Introduction to Instructional Technology Coordinator Administration
   •  ITC-760 Instructional Tech Coordinator Administration
   •  ITC-790 Instructional Tech Coordinator Practicum
   •  ITC-795 Instructional Tech Coordinator Internship
   •  MATHED-688 Internship Teaching - Math Education
   •  SPCOM-670 Special Topics in Health Communication


   •  ANTH-630 Ojibwa Lifeway’s
   •  ANTH-799 Independent Study

Apparel Design/Manufacturing

   •  APRL-545 Textiles for Interiors
   •  APRL-555 Special Topics in ADD
   •  APRL-573 Advanced Pattern Development
   •  APRL-590 CAD for Apparel Images
   •  APRL-590 Practicum in Textile Design
   •  APRL-593 Garment Engineering/Production
   •  APRL-594 Knit Design and Technology
   •  APRL-605 International Study Tour to the Fashion Industry
   •  APRL-619 National Study Tour to Fashion Industry
   •  APRL-664 Functional Design and Development
   •  APRL-670 Portfolio Development for Apparel Design and Development
   •  APRL-685 Apparel Design Studio
   •  APRL-749 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  APRL-769 Design Option Thesis
   •  APRL-780 Advanced Draping
   •  APRL-781 Advanced Flat Pattern
   •  APRL-790 Seminar in Textiles, Clothing and Retail Marketing
   •  APRL-799 Independent Study

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

   •  AEC-570 Construction Estimating I
   •  AEC-595 Seminar
   •  AEC-638 Contract Requirements and Specifications
   •  AEC-652 Environmental Systems - HVAC
   •  AEC-653 Environmental Systems - Plumbing & Electrical
   •  AEC-658 Structural Systems–Wood And Steel
   •  AEC-659 Structural Systems-Concrete and Masonry
   •  AEC-660 Sustainable Construction
   •  AEC-661 Building Codes and Regulations
   •  AEC-670 Construction Estimating II
   •  AEC-671 Project Scheduling and Cost Control
   •  AEC-672 Management of Construction
   •  AEC-702 Construction Logistics and Project Planning
   •  AEC-703 Construction Project Delivery Systems
   •  AEC-704 Construction Strategy, Economics and Finance
   •  AEC-708 Succession Planning in Construction
   •  AEC-710 Architectural Preservation
   •  AEC-711 Environmental Concerns in Construction
   •  AEC-735 Field Problem in Construction Management
   •  AEC-735 Field Problem in Construction Management
   •  AEC-749 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  AEC-770 Thesis - Construction Management
   •  AEC-799 Independent Study


   •  ART-256 Slip Casting for Designers and Artists
   •  ART-507 Aesthetics in the Studio
   •  ART-575 Art Photography Studio
   •  ART-601 Life Drawing II
   •  ART-603 Life Drawing III
   •  ART-610 Painting III
   •  ART-611 Contemporary Sculptural Practices III
   •  ART-613 Ceramics III
   •  ART-614 Color Seminar
   •  ART-615 Metals and Contemporary Art Jewelry III
   •  ART-679 Comics III
   •  ART-799 Independent Study

Art History

   •  ARTH-596 Advanced History of Interactive Media
   •  ARTH-720 History of Design Seminar
   •  ARTH-756 Special Topics in Design History
   •  ARTH-756 Special Topics in Design History: Design and the Digital

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