Nov 18, 2019  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Course Descriptions

A typical course description in the Undergraduate Bulletin appears like this:

LIT 273 American Multicultural Literature  

The three digits of the course codes refer to the course level. Undergraduate courses are those numbered from 100 to 499. All numbers above that are for graduate credit.The 100 series is primarily for freshmen; 200 – sophomores; 300 – juniors; and 400 – seniors.

Course Planning Information

Information included with the course description helps you as you plan your course schedules. General Education (Gen Ed), Racial and Ethnic Studies (RES), Global Perspective (GLP), repeatability, and terms offered (if known) are indicated.

The terms indicated serve only as a general guide and do not guarantee that a course will be offered during a particular semester. Verify availability of a course in any given term by checking the online Open Courses listing or through Access Stout when planning your schedule.


Plastics Engineering

   •  PLE-149 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  PLE-305 Extrusion Theory and Applications
   •  PLE-310 Injection Molding Theory, Design and Application
   •  PLE-340 Process Simulation and Analysis
   •  PLE-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  PLE-360 Testing and Analysis of Plastics
   •  PLE-405 Capstone I: Process/Product Design
   •  PLE-410 Capstone II: Process/Product Development
   •  PLE-420 Transport Phenomena for Plastics Engineers
   •  PLE-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  PLE-499 Independent Study