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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Supply Chain Management, B.S.

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         Supply Chain Management, B.S.: 4-year sequence


The Bachelor of Science Degree in Supply Chain Management will prepare students for a career in the supply chain profession by providing specialized training in an increasingly complex and highly technical field. The program integrates selected areas of engineering, business, management, operations, and processes.

The supply chain encompasses the flow of products and information across all companies from the lowest level supplier through the end customer. Supply Chain Managers focus on designing, managing, integrating and optimizing financial and operational performance of the supply chain. Key activities include: launching products, forecasting demand, managing inventory, sourcing suppliers, processing customer orders, planning and ordering materials, scheduling labor, materials and equipment, lean manufacturing, managing quality, managing logistics and transportation, warehousing, spare parts, and returns.

The program addresses knowledge, skills, and applied research essential to supply chain management, including instruction to improve customer service, minimize costs, improve quality as well as the application of best practices and the effective use of technology. Students participate in hands-on, capstone courses and internships to provide experiential learning. Efficient management of the supply chain is critical to the success of a company. Graduates find their skills to be in high demand.

Admission to the Program

Students may be admitted directly to the program, or if they do not meet at least one of the requirements below, may be accepted as Pre- Supply Chain Management. Students admitted in Pre-Supply Chain Management will remain until they meet the admission requirements. .

  • Program Director Approval
  • Supply Chain Management

Students must have a composite ACT score of 22 or higher and ACT Math sub score of 22 or higher,
Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, including transfer credits, and completion of a minimum of 54 credits in the B.S. Supply Chain Management Program Plan Sheet.

  • Pre-Supply Chain Management

Students will be admitted into the Pre-Supply Chain Management program until the above requirements are met. At that time, the student may apply for admission into the B.S. Supply Chain Management degree program.

General Requirements
Bachelor of Science Degree

Total for graduation 120 credits  
General Education 40 credits  
Core Requirements 80 credits  

Program Requirements

Racial and Ethnic Studies (6 credits*)

Three credits must be selected from RES-A.

Global Perspective (6 credits*)

Complete a program of university-approved work or study abroad or 6 credits of global perspective approved courses. 

General Education (40 credits)

Arts and Humanities (6 credits)

Courses must be from two or more areas including art history, creative arts, foreign language and culture, history, literature, music appreciation, performing arts and philosophy.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)

Cross-disciplinary Issues (3 credits)

Courses must be selected from the list of approved cross-disciplinary issues courses.

Social Responsibility and Ethical Reasoning (3 credits)

Courses must be selected from the list of approved social responsibility and ethical reasoning courses.

Selective (2 credits)

Course/credit may be selected from any category to meet the 40-credit requirement.

Major Studies (80 credits)

Supply Chain Management Core (49 credits)

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