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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Course Descriptions

A typical course description in the Undergraduate Bulletin appears like this:

LIT 273 American Multicultural Literature  

The three digits of the course codes refer to the course level. Undergraduate courses are those numbered from 100 to 499. All numbers above that are for graduate credit.The 100 series is primarily for freshmen; 200 – sophomores; 300 – juniors; and 400 – seniors.

Course Planning Information

Information included with the course description helps you as you plan your course schedules. General Education (Gen Ed), Racial and Ethnic Studies (RES), Global Perspective (GLP), repeatability, and terms offered (if known) are indicated.

The terms indicated serve only as a general guide and do not guarantee that a course will be offered during a particular semester. Verify availability of a course in any given term by checking the online Open Courses listing or through Access Stout when planning your schedule.


Applied Social Science

   •  APSS-399 Independent Study
   •  APSS-400 Applied Social Science Capstone
   •  APSS-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  APSS-450 Bricolage, Bridges, and Transdisciplinary Analysis
   •  APSS-499 Independent Study


   •  ARAB-101 Elementary Arab I


   •  ART-100 Drawing I
   •  ART-101 Two-Dimensional Design Foundations
   •  ART-102 Introduction to Art and Design
   •  ART-103 Three-Dimensional Design Foundations
   •  ART-114 Color Studio
   •  ART-145 The Practice of Art
   •  ART-149 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  ART-199 Independent Study
   •  ART-200 Drawing II
   •  ART-209 Painting I
   •  ART-211 Contemporary Sculptural Practices I
   •  ART-213 Ceramics I
   •  ART-215 Metals and Contemporary Art Jewelry I
   •  ART-217 Printmaking I
   •  ART-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  ART-256 Art Workshop
   •  ART-256 Digital Fabrication in Jewelry
   •  ART-256 Slip-Casting for Designers and Artists
   •  ART-296 Digital Fabrication for Artists and Designers
   •  ART-299 Independent Study
   •  ART-300 Drawing III
   •  ART-301 Life Drawing I
   •  ART-307 Aesthetics in the Studio
   •  ART-311 Contemporary Sculptural Practices II
   •  ART-313 Ceramics II
   •  ART-315 Metals and Contemporary Art Jewelry II
   •  ART-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  ART-375 Art Photography Studio
   •  ART-397 Field Experience for Artists
   •  ART-399 Independent Study
   •  ART-401 Life Drawing II
   •  ART-403 Life Drawing III
   •  ART-409 Painting II
   •  ART-410 Painting III
   •  ART-411 Contemporary Sculptural Practices III
   •  ART-413 Ceramics III
   •  ART-414 Color Seminar
   •  ART-415 Metals and Contemporary Art Jewelry III
   •  ART-417 Printmaking II
   •  ART-445 Senior Seminar
   •  ART-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  ART-456 Advanced Art Workshop
   •  ART-490 BFA Thesis Exhibition
   •  ART-499 Independent Study

Art Education

   •  ARTED-108 Introduction to Art Education
   •  ARTED-208 Contemporary Theory and Curricular Practices in Art Education
   •  ARTED-308 K-12 Art Education Theory, Methods, and Practice
   •  ARTED-408 Student Teaching in Art Education - Elementary
   •  ARTED-409 Student Teaching in Art Education - Secondary
   •  ARTED-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  ARTED-499 Independent Study

Art History

   •  ARTH-222 Introduction to Art
   •  ARTH-223 Survey of Art–Ancient Through Medieval
   •  ARTH-224 Survey of Art-Renaissance Through 20th Century
   •  ARTH-225 Introduction to Non-Western Art
   •  ARTH-250 British Art, Architecture, and Design
   •  ARTH-256 Special Topics in Art History: Art in Italy
   •  ARTH-256 Special Topics: Museums and Monuments in New York City
   •  ARTH-319 History of Design
   •  ARTH-326 Greek and Roman Art
   •  ARTH-327 Medieval Art
   •  ARTH-328 Italian Renaissance Art
   •  ARTH-329 Northern Renaissance Art
   •  ARTH-330 Baroque Art
   •  ARTH-331 Art and Controversy
   •  ARTH-332 Gender and Art
   •  ARTH-333 History of Interiors and Furnishings
   •  ARTH-335 19Th Century Art In Europe
   •  ARTH-336 Modern Art
   •  ARTH-337 Art Since 1950
   •  ARTH-339 Japanese Art and Culture
   •  ARTH-340 History of Interactive Media
   •  ARTH-341 History of Film
   •  ARTH-399 Independent Study
   •  ARTH-499 Independent Study


   •  BIO-101 Introductory Biology
   •  BIO-111 Science, the Environment and Sustainability
   •  BIO-125 Biology of Aging
   •  BIO-128 Community Health
   •  BIO-130 Human Sexual Biology
   •  BIO-132 Human Biology
   •  BIO-135 Organismal Biology
   •  BIO-136 College Molecular Cell Biology I
   •  BIO-141 Plants and People
   •  BIO-150 Environmental Science
   •  BIO-196 Biology of Women
   •  BIO-199 Independent Study
   •  BIO-210 Concepts and Issues in Biotechnology
   •  BIO-220 Physiology of Disabilities
   •  BIO-234 Physiology and Anatomy
   •  BIO-235 Molecular Cell Biology II
   •  BIO-241 Ornamental Horticulture
   •  BIO-242 Botany
   •  BIO-250 Chainsaw Safety Certification Levels 1 and 2

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