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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED]

Course Descriptions

A typical course description in the Undergraduate Bulletin appears like this:

LIT 273 American Multicultural Literature  

The three digits of the course codes refer to the course level. Undergraduate courses are those numbered from 100 to 499. All numbers above that are for graduate credit.The 100 series is primarily for freshmen; 200 – sophomores; 300 – juniors; and 400 – seniors.

Course Planning Information

Information included with the course description helps you as you plan your course schedules. General Education (Gen Ed), Racial and Ethnic Studies (RES), Global Perspective (GLP), repeatability, and terms offered (if known) are indicated.

The terms indicated serve only as a general guide and do not guarantee that a course will be offered during a particular semester. Verify availability of a course in any given term by checking the online Open Courses listing or through Access Stout when planning your schedule.


Business Management

   •  BUMGT-346 Seminar
   •  BUMGT-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUMGT-398 Business Administration Field Experience
   •  BUMGT-399 Independent Study
   •  BUMGT-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUMGT-480 Entrepreneurship: Small Business Planning
   •  BUMGT-489 Business and Industrial Internship
   •  BUMGT-490 Strategic Management and Business Policy
   •  BUMGT-498 Business Administration Field Experience
   •  BUMGT-499 Independent Study

Business Management Information Systems

   •  BUMIS-149 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUMIS-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUMIS-299 Independent Study
   •  BUMIS-333 Management Information Systems - Decision Support Systems
   •  BUMIS-346 Seminar
   •  BUMIS-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUMIS-399 Independent Study
   •  BUMIS-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUMIS-499 Independent Study

Business Marketing

   •  BUMKG-149 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUMKG-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUMKG-299 Independent Study
   •  BUMKG-308 Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations
   •  BUMKG-330 Principles of Marketing
   •  BUMKG-334 Professional Selling and Market Development
   •  BUMKG-335 Sales Management
   •  BUMKG-346 Seminar
   •  BUMKG-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUMKG-350 Digital Marketing Strategy and Practice
   •  BUMKG-370 Integrated Marketing Communications
   •  BUMKG-385 Target Marketing
   •  BUMKG-391 Principles of Social Media Marketing Management
   •  BUMKG-399 Independent Study
   •  BUMKG-436 Marketing Management
   •  BUMKG-479 Marketing Research
   •  BUMKG-499 Independent Study

Business Retail

   •  BURTL-105 Introduction to Retail Merchandising & Management
   •  BURTL-127 Basic Merchandising
   •  BURTL-149 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BURTL-212 Trend Tracking and Forecasting
   •  BURTL-229 Visual Merchandising
   •  BURTL-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BURTL-299 Independent Study
   •  BURTL-319 International Economic Trends in Textiles and Clothing
   •  BURTL-327 Store Management
   •  BURTL-329 Retail Promotions
   •  BURTL-335 Special Topics in Retail Merchandising and Management
   •  BURTL-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BURTL-390 Merchandise Planning and Control
   •  BURTL-395 Assortment Planning
   •  BURTL-398 Field Experience
   •  BURTL-399 Independent Study
   •  BURTL-417 Social/Psychological Aspects of Clothing
   •  BURTL-419 National Study Tour to Fashion Industry
   •  BURTL-425 Current Retail Strategies for a Differential Advantage
   •  BURTL-426 Fashion Retailing Practicum
   •  BURTL-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BURTL-449F Retail Co-Op Education/Internship
   •  BURTL-450 Retail Practicum I
   •  BURTL-451 Retail Practicum II
   •  BURTL-477 Study Abroad - American Fashion College
   •  BURTL-490 Advanced Merchandise Planning Control
   •  BURTL-498 Field Experience
   •  BURTL-499 Independent Study

Business Supply Chain Management

   •  BUSCM-100 Introduction to Supply Chain Management
   •  BUSCM-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUSCM-338 Principles of Logistics
   •  BUSCM-341 Global Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization
   •  BUSCM-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUSCM-437 Procurement, Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
   •  BUSCM-439 Seminar: Supply Chain Systems Design
   •  BUSCM-449 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  BUSCM-458 Negotiation and Contracts
   •  BUSCM-460 Supply Chain Management Design I Capstone
   •  BUSCM-461 Supply Chain Management Design II Capstone

Career and Technical Education

   •  CTE-149 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CTE-198 Field Experience
   •  CTE-199 Independent Study
   •  CTE-249 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CTE-298 Field Experience
   •  CTE-299 Independent Study
   •  CTE-301 Preservice Workshop for Career and Technical Educators
   •  CTE-302 Principles of Career and Technical Education
   •  CTE-304 Introduction for K-12 Career and Technical Educators
   •  CTE-310 Foundations of Health Sciences Occupations Education
   •  CTE-312 Pre-Student Teaching in PK-12 CTE Subject Area
   •  CTE-320 Careers in Health Care
   •  CTE-330 Curriculum Planning in Health Science Occupations
   •  CTE-334 Performance Analysis
   •  CTE-337 Competency-Based Education: Career and Technical
   •  CTE-346 Seminar
   •  CTE-346 Seminar: Aligning Career and Technical Education Curricula
   •  CTE-346 Seminar: Sustainable Concepts Infusion I
   •  CTE-346 Seminar: Sustainable Concepts Infusion II
   •  CTE-349 Cooperative Education Experience
   •  CTE-359 Technology Impacts Occupational Programs
   •  CTE-360 Coordination of Work-based Learning (WBL) Programs
   •  CTE-370 Instructional Technology - Education and Training
   •  CTE-375 Academic & Career Planning Introduction & Implementation
   •  CTE-375 Addressing the Skills Gap with Pathways and Partnerships

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